The Bookstore in My Town Closed

It closed months ago.  I was sad to see it happen.  I'm assuming they weren't making enough money in our location but can't entirely blame it on poor economy or online retailers.  Perhaps my best friend and I weren't the only ones being treated like scum by the employees.

The coffee shop I (try to) frequent is diversifying the books and other goods it carries.  It can't pick up where the main bookstore left off but it is something.  And, when I go through its doors, I know the people working there are genuinely happy to see me.  Nothing opens my wallet faster.

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  1. Right? It makes such a big difference but it's so frequently overlooked. Mainly cuz businesses dont care enough about employees to pay them what theyre worth, therefore the employees couldnt care less about customers. Doesn't make it right, just a fact of our American life.