Confessions of a Chicken

I'm toying with publishing a poetry chapbook.  I daydream about it, do research on what would be the best press, etc.  But it's just a dream. 

I am not mainstream, even in the poetry world.  Some, I know, would say this is something working for me, not against.  But, unfortunately, I am not sure I agree.  Many poets intentionally marginalize "non-literary" poetry and they are the ones (mostly) reading poetry to begin with.

Or maybe there is a place for my voice.  I could just be too scared (of failure) or paranoid or cautious to get anything done.  I would love if I were wrong and I hope I am.  I hope to the point where I could crawl inside of it and bask, letting it soak into my skin and nudge my veins, seeking entry. 

What is the step you're afraid of?

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