Nasty Things Came from Duotrope's Change

Uh oh, another post on Duotrope going paid!  Why, why am I doing this again?  Just, hang on a second.  Yes, it is another post on the topic, sort of. 

When Duotrope went paid, there were writers from all over sounding off.  This, I feel, is good.  Some loved it, or thought it worth the money and that was fine.  Some couldn't afford it/wouldn't pay and that was fine.  What resulted from the differing groups, however, wasn't.

The people that could/would pay for the service were saying the people who wouldn't/couldn't weren't budgeting correctly, were liars, didn't care about their art, and more things just moronic.  The ones who couldn't/wouldn't pay for Duotrope were saying the ones that could/would were elitist, hacks (throwing money around but can't write), arrogant, and still more idiotic things.

Why this became a battle of liars and hacks, I don't know.  Maybe some people were offended when people attacked the site for the change.  Possibly tempers over the price point took control of normally level-headed individuals.  I can't say for sure.

Now, everyone knows writing is hard and lonely.  We all also know that writers take a lot of rejection, disappointment, and isolation to do what they love.  Why, why, why would writers turn against each other over a site charging money?  Ridiculous!  Absolutely and unequivocally so.  We're supposed to be cheering each other on, not tearing each other apart.  **Sighs**

I'm so happy to have you guys around me.  You, dear readers, are what supportive writers look like.

Have YOU ever dealt with the writing community as a whole being dumb?  What was it over?


  1. To answer your question, yes, I am a kind person and believe in karma and professionalism, but there is too much finger pointing and judgement in the community these past months. You can not be human, fragile or make mistakes and apologies be accepted. These are some highly educated individuals yet there do not have compassion. Some authors are judged guilty before innocent. The bloggers helping other authors. The naive authors who do not understand all the laws about copyrights. The fragile egos who acted as friends and stabbed you in the back. when you express different views from theirs. The trolls who thrill on drama and spread vicious lies and gossip, to be better then the victim they have chosen. Kindness is not accepted as a gift, taken for granted and not even a thank you is given. So yes there is negativity in the community as well as light. A delicate balance, a fine line about boundaries. Too confusing for the illiterate host/reviewer or blogger as some stated do not belong for they are psychic vampires or disabled, not kind or compassionate. So my spirit is broken and I will not be as generous with my giving in 2013. I will go back to the spiritual beliefs and start over because words are sharp swords as the tongue wags and hurts innocent persons. And the naive or weak are eaten alive. That is the impossible,you can not cheer each other on in a divided and suspicion community. I do not regret what I received in acceptance and have given back. I regret that people are close minded, it their way or the highway. Good luck to the positive and caring individuals and may karma be good to you in 2013.

    1. Well, I think being a nice person is one of the most important things you can be. But I have run into my share of people who sometimes test my beliefs.

  2. I've seen some online flame wars where someone says/does something stupid and other writers pile on and start attacking that person, and I've seen it get totally out of hand. Never fun for the people involved. It always ends badly.