A Writing Failure

You guys know I sometimes post one of my projects that didn't work out.  Well, this is a big one.  Not only was I challenged to imagine a fairy tale a different way, but my husband told me I should do it backwards.  What results is the stilted (more outline-looking) project in all of its horror.
***Please note:  This has adult content in it
Scheme a Upon Once
And there are things to answer for.
Magic stays after midnight, she understood.
It shifted and popped like a sparkly blessing.
He watched her whip away, no stopping what was out of reach, he went back in for someone else.
Riding on a borrowed donkey, she sped to the Fairy Godmother’s.

Warm, pliant thigh he grasped escaped, bashing the more gentle parts of him like a battering ram.
Cupping her breast, his other hand vined up her leg.
Whispering compliments to her, he closed in.
She looked like part of the fountain she stood so near.
He trailed her lobster-blue clad form to the garden.

Glass slippers shattered during their waltz; she fled like a bare-footed felon.
Grand clock stopped at 10:15; Godmother counted the Prince’s money two hours prior.
Blonde cinder girl was there as promised.
His intent was to bed, not wed, a servant as dumb as a scarecrow.
She swooned and shivered at seeing him, love and hormones at their finest, fears speeding by.

The carriage left, leaving her alone with the crowded night.
Parnon Castle bloomed ahead of her like a time-lapse film, forcing the odd scene away.

She watched the Prince’s footman deposit a large coin purse into the outstretched hands of the Fairy Godmother as her cottage shrank behind.

The cinder girl was urged to be receptive and open to the Prince’s wishes.

“Everything changes after tonight.”  Godmother said.


  1. Great piece here. Thanks for posting it. I didn't mind the adult content at all. IN fact, I want more lol (but it's tastefully and poetically done).

  2. This is wonderful. I agree with the above comment. You can write adult content in a way that's tasteful and intriguing---quite a difficult feat!

  3. Thank you both. I wish I could have gotten it to work out correctly. I thought I hit on something decent but... no real dice.

    But that's the way it is, sometimes.