Realistic Optimism

My husband talks to me about keeping realistic expectations with my writing while being optimistic.  How does that work?  If you tamp down optimism with cynicism, you’re essentially hitting yourself with a mallet.

On the other hand, if you tell yourself over and over this time is THE time and it’s not, you end up being more disappointed.  At least, I do.

So, I am either putting myself and my writing down or hyping myself up.  I can’t stay somewhere in the middle on this.  How are you supposed to soldier on without belief and how are you supposed to believe without getting hope up?

Maybe I should just repeat the statistics on publishing to myself every time I send something out.  But, then again, aren’t publishing statistics incredibly depressing in themselves?

Ugh!  Tell me I am not alone here.

1 comment:

  1. Jennifer, sometimes you cannot listen to the critics or the statistics. Yes, it is hard and there are many people in the writing field, but you write because you love it and it is something you are passionate about. It takes time and patience as well as hard work. And a good writer will always try to continually improve themselves. You have to believe you have a message for the world, and you have to know that you have what it takes to be a writer. From inside yourself, you have to keep pushing, and if you find that you need to work on weak points, then know them and strengthen them. Always read for others and search for articles and books to strengthen you. Keep on pushing forward and don't stop. It is difficult to listen to critics and people telling you to be realistic, and sometimes they might have a good point, but you have to know what you want, have your goals, set down a list of objectives to reach this goal, and work hard for it. And every success you have, celebrate it. Even if it is a small success. Celebrate yourself, even if others might not. And when you find critics of your writing, be open to legitimate criticism that you can actually learn from and then work on it. Check to see if there is a basis and what you can do to improve. Also, read on how to market and other related publishing information. And pray a lot. Work hard, but part of it is also opporunity and luck. Keep your eyes open and your door open so you will find that opportunity. Take care and good writing!