I'm Stuck Without Books

My library now requires a photo ID in its system before you can check out materials even if you already had a library card.  I don’t drive so I don’t have one and it is very difficult for me to get to the DMV since the bus has limited times they can pick me up and the DMV has even more limited hours.  So, as of now, I am without new reading material for the foreseeable future.

I don’t buy books often.  I know, it sounds horrid coming from a writer who hopes to someday have people read her work but I just don’t.  I don’t really have a lot of money to drop on books as I have a very small income. Also, I honestly don’t read books more than once, no matter how good they are because there is always another story to discover; if I buy a book, it will just sit collecting dust unless I give it away which, with twenty dollar books, can get expensive to keep passing along.  (I don’t have an e-reader because of the whole “one book, one read” thing I do.)

So, now I am pretty stuck.  I may be able to get an ID in the spring if I can time it right but, until then, no books.  I am unsure how I am going to survive this.  I guess I will just have to keep you posted.


  1. Sounds like you might have to compromise on something here :-) Can't hurt to get an e-reader. Lots of free books to download on Amazon. It would certainly be worth the money in the long run.

  2. You should become a book blogger. Then people would send you free books. You'd have them coming out of your ears and would never have to search for any.

  3. Hi, not sure of your age, and a lady does not tell her age, but if you are in the golden years, you can called the senior citizens center in your location and they may be able to help you. You can also download kindle app on your computer and devices. You can also explain to library and they may take temporary id, hope that helps. I am at message to my children 2 fantasy escapism, shared authors, artists and readers page, they are contests all the time for a kindle. Thanks Cat

  4. Thanks for your advice, everyone!

    I know I am eventually going to have to get some kind of E-reader (there is no way around it with how technology is going) but I am resisting as long as possible.

    My library needs a photo ID for their system now (new policy) so I have to supply my own from the darn DMV.

    I don't bring enough people in (on a blog) to become a book reviewer and most local periodicals no longer have a section on book reviews.