Quick, Nice Things

Two things for today:

1.      I finally got the guts to withdraw the poem I couldn’t make fit the editor’s vision.  I was really worried because I had another poem already accepted by her and didn’t want her pulling her acceptance because I wouldn’t change the one.  (It has happened before with other editors.)  To my sheer delight, she was very understanding about the whole thing and we parted on friendly terms.  I will definitely work with her again in the future, should she like anything I send her.  She’s definitely one of the good ones.

2.      One of my recent rejections was from an editor who told me he loved one poem but couldn’t take it because the end line was too long and would need weird formatting. He had published another poem with the same format but it was shorter than mine.  It gives me hope that someone will figure out formatting, or smaller text size, and publish it.

Granted, neither bit of news is going to make me famous but it is good to remember there are nice editors out there.

I suppose I write this out to remind myself of it, too.  This year has been very rough on me.  I hope it’s nicer to you.


  1. Hey Jennifer! Long time no see.
    So did you get a poem pubbed? SOunds like it. Even tho this one didn't work out. I"m in the query process right now too and had a few requests so we'll see. Not getting hopes up. :s

    1. I know you will get it eventually.

      And yes, my poem is accepted.

  2. Glad to hear you've had good editing experiences. I've had a rough year as well. 2013 can't get here soon enough.