Duotrope Submission Watching

I love the Duotrope site.  It is a godsend for those who submit to literary magazines.  I use it for the majority of my submissions but it is also becoming an obsession for me because of their "recent responses" section.

If I have a submission at a magazine I think is taking awhile, I check that magazine's most current submission response date to let me know if they are falling behind or if I am special.  I am now checking it multiple times a day if it is from a place I am anxious to get into.  (Rattle has had my submission for 62 days while their page says to not query before 60.  This drives me insane as other people have received responses.)  I know sometimes things take longer and it doesn't always mean good news but it doesn't stop me from imagining things both amazing and delusional.

I am not alone.  I have found others who talk about how many times they check responses and some have even gone as far as to say Duotrope should put the response information at the very top of a magazine's page, even before the description!  While I am not as bad as some, I am shamed to say I am antsier because of the information provided. 

Sometimes, things you thought you most wanted to know, only make you more anxious.

Do any of you use the site?  Do you check the most current response times?

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