Why Do Women Submit Less?

We talked about differences last week in men and women writers.  One of those was women submitting less than men. 

Lena brought up an interesting point on the society's expectations on a woman's time versus a man's.  A woman is still looked at more to take on the caretaker and housekeeper roles.  (Women running for President of the United States are asked how the position would impact their ability to be mothers but I have yet to see a man have to answer the question about how absent he would be if he should win.)   It says a lot, even in our modern age.  This, of course, would affect time for one's writing.  But there are plenty of men who will give their wives time to do what they desire so this cannot account for everything.

Is publishing a boys' club?  Certain literary magazines are singled out for their "masculine" feel and their "opposition to female voice".  Are there places like that?  Yes and, while I know there are places specifically seeking things from women's perspectives, it is a more widespread occurrence.  Even discounting these, however, we're still seeing a disparity. 

Is a woman happier with acknowledgment or creating?  Do men feel the same or the opposite of what women feel on this subject?  Creating is supposed to be joyous no matter what but maybe women are just happier with the doing than the recognition.  I have no idea, honestly.

Could it be men are more secure in themselves and their accomplishments so they submit more?
What other things do you think could contribute to less women submitting?  Is there something you don't agree with?  Tell me about it!

Just a note:  I may be posting less as I am getting more and more busy as the summer begins.  Please be patient with me if you don't see me much.  I will try to keep up as much as possible and won't totally disappear.


  1. From what I know of publishing, it's definitely a woman's world. All the literary agents are women (with a few exceptions), all the editors seem to be women, and all the publishing houses are staffed with women. Most of the protagonists in young adult books are women, and most of the readers happen to be women. So yeah...publishing in my book, seems to be dominated by women.

  2. I tend to see a lot of women in the publishing world as well. Maybe it's different in poetry/short story publications? I'd be curious to the what the male/female ratio is on submissions.

  3. Oops, yes. We're talking about literary magazines. Maybe women overtaking the book business is influencing the need for male voices?

  4. interesting, indeed. Women definitely overtake the book world tho. Maybe men are just more prone to short fiction/ or articles.

    1. Possible. I suppose I am in the wrong market, then. lol