TRY THIS (A new add-on to Prompt Day)

So, this is our first "Try This" day! Is everyone excited and just itching to get inspired? YES, on a Sunday, don't look at me like that.

This is inspired by PK's take on voice...
Put seven characters in an older estate house; they need not be from the same series and some can just be made up as you go. The house is completely furnished, though how is up to you. What is the first thing your characters notice? Does one of the other characters remind the girl in the corner of the boy she has a crush on at college? Does the older gentleman in the corner notice the architecture?

What they catch (and miss) is important. Does the single mother sigh in relief that she's finally got some time to herself or does the absence of her children strike her like a hammer blow? In all this, does she miss the fact that one piece of furniture in here is worth three years' salary for her?

After figuring them out, write a paragraph about their impressions in each person's voice. See who conflicts with whose thoughts and why.


  1. Good idea. Nothing like practicing to bring out their personalities.

  2. Great idea! I'll try it when I find time. Good exercise! Also, when speaking about personalities, we can find some TV series that use a variety of characters to appeal to larger audiences, and we can find a mixture of personalities. That is something to help in our character studies like "Lost" or "Prison Break". Thanks Jennifer for sharing! I think we can all use practice in voice and points of view. A writer should always look to continually improve. And Jennifer, you are very inspirational!

  3. I hope, if you ladies try this, you will tell me how it went and give your own advice as to how to make things better.

  4. Ah! Can't wait to participate next time around :)