Our Voices

Uniqueness brought up one word from you guys:

But, honestly, I don't believe this is the whole story.
Outside of reader perspectives, some writers are just better than others. Yes, there are writers who hone their craft with more intensity and don't think they know everything. There are writers who devour
every technique and come back for more, tired and enthralled. But many writers are undeterred by failure and want to better themselves so this isn't news.
Could it be a combination of strengths, imagination, rules we break, a dash of luck, AND voice? Only a specific number of strengths in writing exist but some seem to have a better combination than others or are better at eliminating weakness. Some writers have dangerous imaginations while others sit in the safety of classroom fiction. Rules are meant to be broken, unless they don't work...
All of this still doesn't exactly answer WHY I am unique or, more specifically, why my voice is the voice worth listening to. I have had experience no one else has had, sure, but haven't you?
And how do we know when we have found our voice for certain?
I think I just thought myself into a circle...
Oh well...
Tell me what you think!


  1. Sorry about the odd formatting of today's post! Once I added the photo, things got funny in a sad way. lol

  2. Jennifer,

    You bring up some good points. It must be a combination of things. However, I think that luck is a small part of it. Being in the right place at the right time and meeting the right people at the right time really does help. Another point is the fact that some people might be better at expressing an experience than others; this would go back to natural talent (surely one has a gift for 'gab' or a way of talking that is clear, precise, attractive, charasmatic, etc.) and this makes his/her chances better. then, there is the knowledge of writing well which goes back sometimes to either school education or self-education; there are many ways to learn and the best is through practice. And last but not least: hard work! The one who works hard on improving his craft will surely have more success as well as the one who is able to promote himself and get people to notice him. So, today in the world of self-publishing and social media, it takes both great writing and marketing/social skills. But somehow, I really think it all goes back to voice. Do you have a voice that others just love to hear? And maybe style falls in right beside of voice. People enjoy a certain voice and style that drives them to come back for more. That is as much as I can figure. Thanks for this thought-provoking post! Take care!

    1. Self-promoting is another topic we should get into. You're sure firing up my thoughts, lately!

  3. I think it is that unyielding drive within some of us that we are meant to succeed, a deja vu as we're working on our projects. But you are right when you say there are those of us who refuse to give up. There are all levels of success and it depends on where you want to be in that ladder. For some, only the top rung will do. Still, I stand by voice in its uniqueness to each one of us.

    1. I don't know about the top rung for myself, but I wouldn't hesitate to tell anyone else to go for theirs. Perhaps my ladder is just much shorter than everyone else's. lol

  4. Hi Jennifer! I think you found your voice right there. Yours is a voice full of wonderment and questions and kindness and gentility.
    The way I decided voice works, is you take 10 people and put them in the same crowded room. Then have each one report back on what they noticed and how they'd describe it. Each one would have a different way of describing it, noticing different things. That's what makes you, you. The way you interpret things and how you say it.
    ANd you do a great job of conveying your voice.

  5. PK, you have given me the perfect experiment should I ever have ten people I know in a room they've never been in. Perhaps I should kidnap some of you and bring you to an abandoned buil-- **Clears throat

    Thank you for the compliment.