November Challenges

Many of us are undertaking writing "quests" this month. We're crazy; naysayers are right.

Every day so far, I have tremendous fear I won't reach my deadline. I almost lost it last night when I finished at only an hour and change left. Poem-a-day is probably a whole field easier than an entire novel this month but there are no make up days; if your poem isn't written, you lose. I understand it is self-imposed but it's still important to follow through.

This is also the week I've been reading the first three books in the "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" series. Plus, of course, life itself wants its turn.

It would be easier, I believe, to have a writing buddy this month but the forum I get the prompts from changed since last time so... yeah.

Do you do November challenges alone? Have you ever tried it the opposite of what you're used to? What works best?

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