Do Real Writers Doubt?

Some, including famous authors, say they don't. Real writers just know, they keep going. They never question WHAT THE HECK they're trying to accomplish or who they're kidding. I want to believe this at times, but I'm still stuck in reality.

Everyone has doubts. Our mailman wonders if he should retire or work a few more years. Your waitress worries about being a good mother while attempting night school. Many thoughts for people are specifically dealing with jobs; we're occupied by our occupations.
It's normal!

The majority of writers don't get paid, must juggle another job, have people in their lives thinking they're crazy, and may never feel validated in a meaningful way in an area they want very much to succeed in. I am worried about the writers who are so assured they ALWAYS sleep easy. Nothing important should be so light upon the mind.

I doubt, worry, question, fidget, examine. Does it make me a lesser writer? Only if it stops me for good. Only should it censor my content.

What is your current "doubt level"? What occurrences make it worse?


  1. My doubt level is really high right now. I thought it would get easier if I ever signed a pub contract but it only gets worse. Now I have to try and live up to other peoples expectations along with my own.

  2. I guess I have so many ideas running around 'up there' that I don't have too many doubts. Once I run out of ideas and I have still yet to be signed... then I'll start doubting.

    But right now I'll just enjoy writing and hold on to the hop that others will enjoy it too :)