Saturday Questions (October 15th)

1. Did you ever have an imaginary friend? If so, describe him/her/it.

2. Where was your favorite hiding spot as a child?

3. What was the first recipe you prepared as an adult?


  1. Never had an imaginary friend

    Under my grandma's lilac bushes

    Peanut butter cake.

  2. My imaginary friend was a horse named Jelly.

    I liked to hide under the table.

    My first recipe was probably spaghetti.

    I stopped by from PK-Hrezo's site. :)

  3. Oh, yeah, I had more than one imaginary friend and they were all animals! There's probably an interesting psychological dynamic at work there! I loved to put a blanket over our card table and then hide under the table. Our grandkids did the same thing, only they used our Ping-Pong table which required a lot more blankets! I'm not sure I can remember back that far, but I think the first thing I cooked was a beef roast which our Great Dane then pilfered from the cupboard. I don't so much remember the roast as the "pilfering."