Hocus Pocus! You're Now a Agent/Editor/Publicist

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Somewhere a publicist-turned-writer is receiving her first acceptance. Elsewhere, an agent has begun his first draft.
We tend to hear a lot about people in other aspects of publishing starting writing careers but you tend to find less regarding writers switching roles.
Well, these are just my thoughts but...

...writers aren't surrounded by other creative energies unless actively seeking it. An agent/editor/publicist is constantly seeing creativity in the form of submissions, clients, etc.

... writers tend to know less about the industry than what an insider knows about writing. It is easy to be intimidated.

... writers imagine the lack of creativity behind "the desk." Many writers have occupations unrelated to writing and it provides balance and unexpected insight.

... there is less time to write. The routine is already set so...

Obviously, not everyone has these thoughts. There are those making the switch as I type this. Maybe even you guys will someday. Have you ever considered it? What role would you choose?

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  1. I don't know, I think writers hate to be confined with so little time to create.

    And who's to say, but maybe these 'professionals' got their stories from works they rejected? I am sure a great many honestly do come up with their own idea. But seeing that many ideas come across their desk has to influence their thought patterns.