Quality of Self-Published E-Books

There are wonderful novels in the world, waiting for you to take them home. Modern age, with its technological advances, can whisk them to you in bits and bytes in seconds.
As a reader, these electric deliveries grant access unthought of mere decades ago. Books unable to find love at a traditional publisher come forth. It is an excellent opportunity for reader and writer alike.

Not all novels are equal. Every single publishing company out there has released books many dislike and, though writing is subjective, have done it more than once. Self-published books show an even larger gap between awesome and airsick.

Putting works out for public consumption has become as easy as calling your first draft finished. It is also cheaper to publish online. This is great for the novelist who is ready for an audience. But it is more often disaster for a reader seeking a new favorite author.
I love seeing my work improve, but I am not buying E-books just hoping the author will get better. I write a fair amount but share only a small percent; there are many projects yet not worthy.

Does online publishing bring more good or bad writers? How often do you read E-books by self-published authors?


  1. I think the answer is both? maybe? haha. I think online publishing gives good writers a chance to get their work out and bad writers.

    I read one book but a self-published author and unfortunately it was one of the bad ones... If I had more time for reading, I would give more of the self-published a shot, but I don't get to read very often. When I do, the books I read come as recommendations, or authors I particularly like, and right now those are not self-published...

  2. Times are changing, that's for sure, but with it comes both the good and the bad. Some authors put so much effort and learning into their craft, while others, not so much. I've read a good amount of indies, some were fabulous, others needed more effort. I'm not letting one bad seed ruin my love of others, and I hope others won't either.

  3. I think it gives bad writers a chance to compete with the good ones. I've read a few self pubbed books and it really just depends on how much effort they put in editing and writing the work.