Like Volcanic Thunder

So busy, we are, trying to cram our lives into plain jars of minutes, hours, days. Through all economic, social, and physical difference, no one can claim 12 days a week to the seven. We are all parasailing past.

All of us carve out time for things we enjoy or hobbies we have, we must.
Serious writers arrange even the briefest moments to their advantage, even when that daily elusive block of minutes is used for more pressing matters.

Sometimes, to win writing silence, you must become loud or insistent. You must make it clear to those around you there are "do not disturb" times. You must be willing to write at unpredictable moments, whenever or wherever minutes free themselves.

There are going to be distractions as inky words gush forth, sounds you can't shut out, worries your mind nibbles on.
But does a volcano erupt only when people want? Does thunder only sound when the world is awake? No! They happen on their own time when just given the seconds they need. And, when they collide...

Be the force that doesn't remain quiet! Look for spare minutes, letting your work thrash around with abandon. All it takes is the right beginning to fill the night, or page, with the spectacular sound.


  1. This is why I get up an extra hour early, so I can enjoy the silence. Great post.

  2. Thanks, ladies!

    I am at the library for a bit so that is how I can comment. Boy, do I miss it. It feels like having a conversation but being silenced after you make the first remark. Sadness...

    I am so happy to see new faces on my blog and old faces that have been with me for awhile. You guys rock, seriously!

  3. Great cheerleading that you have here Jennifer. It is so true too. Thanks for posting it.