Top 10 Writer Wishes

1. Instant international best-sellers for even my grocery lists...
All right, not really. This list is a little for everyone, not just me. There are many good things I left out. Post your wishes in the comments!

1. Editors would never say, "If you don't hear from me, it's a rejection" (Really, who does tnat? I have waited over six months at times before decisions were made so how do I know if they're still deciding?)

2. Publicists help market every worthy book (If only!)

3. Those who say they dislike reading could remember the power and wonder of stories

4. Rejections never turn nasty (I have dealt with it too often.)

5. Readers could interact more with writers to open paths for thought/conversation

6. Only great books find success (And trash "celebs" would have to self-publish if they really want to write.)

7. A revision fairy sits on writers' shoulders and makes editing enjoyable/quick

8. All agents are reputable and have loads of time for each represented author.

9. Writers weren't so afraid (So many authors are afraid to buck trends, write true, get rejected, etc. that they miss opportunities for exceptional advancement.)

10. Only writers who never want to learn/try/grow/feel quit (Those, in my opinion, are the "bad" writers. Unfortunately, many good ones have lost their voices in the crush of syllables.)


  1. If wishes were fishes the sea would be full. However, I love this list and can feel myself making these wishes with every sentence.

  2. I know, wishes aren't likely but... oh well! It is still good to think about how it COULD be. It gives you hope.
    If you find a revision fairy, let me know.

  3. They are good wishes. Too bad they're not true.

  4. It really is a nice wish list. It would be nice if the whole rejection thing could just go away.