Saturday Questions (August 13th)

1. What book are you currently (not necessarily right this second) reading?

2. What was the tallest building/structure you've ever been to the top of?

3. Have you ever been detained by airport security?
Our first Brag Board post should be August 21st. Please have accomplishments sent by August 19th.


  1. Wow.. interesting questions!

    1. The Glass Castle (memoir by Jeannette Walls) and totally gripping.

    2. Sears Tower in Chicago I think. I'm pretty sure it was the tallest even over the WTC.

    3. Yes! But it was lame. My hubby and I were coming back from Bermuda and had bought a couple of Cuban cigars for my dad. Normally, I keep that kind of thing on the down low and don't mention it to any airport personnel. Well, my hubby didn't know and I forgot to mention it and when the customs guy asked him if he'd purchased any cigars, he said yes. We had to go to the office and sit and decide what to do til the customs official gave is option to destroy cigars or wait for proper reports to be filled out. What a pain. So my hubby destroyed $30 worth of cigars and we were on our way. Not very exciting, huh? lol :)

  2. 1. I plan on starting The Hunger Games tonight. (I know, I think I'm the last one to read them...)

    2. Sears... now Willis tower in Chicago. It just doesn't feel right to call it the Willis tower...

    3. Yes, I have been detained in an airport. It was actually the Canadian airport. I went into there little interrogation room and everything. Not gonna lie... I was kinda scared. Then when we got to the customer (I was traveling on business) we told her the story. Our customer is from Mexico and she thought it hilarious that the Canadians got me... :)

  3. 1. Bleak House ( by Charles Dickens).
    2. The Space Needle in Munich, I think.
    3. Nope, never been detained.

  4. There are too many I'm reading to list. lol
    Uh oh. I can't remember.
    No, but then I don't fly much these days.

  5. 1. I'm in between 'real' books right now. I am reading a Manga called Fruits Basket though.
    2.The Sears Tower.
    3. Yes, I got detained for having a stick of gum in my pocket one. lol. Apparently it looked like some sort of bomb/weapon in their screening thing.