Reading Vocabulary

I am reading a crime/mystery novel. As I go through this tome, the "who-done-it" isn't the only aspect my brain is trying to solve. There are also a fair amount of words I don't know.

Words enhance a writer's choices and tools. The right word can do what ten wrong words can't come close to. It is the difference between a scalpel or a hacksaw.

Yet, surprisingly, many writers I know don't make notes of vocabulary when they read. They study plot, character development, language flow, etc. but skip over those blocks of letters they are puzzled about. I just don't comprehend such a decision. If anything else, it keeps our minds sharp to learn a variety of things so...
Maybe it makes them feel inferior in some way.

Do you keep a list of words as you read? Does coming across something you don't know intimidate you or invigorate you?

**Monday's prompt is going to (hopefully) incorporate some new vocabulary for you.**
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  1. Coming across words I don't know slow down the reading for me. I usually get too frustrated to finish, and it's a guarantee I don't advise anyone to read it.

  2. When I was younger, I would skip over words I didn't know because I was in too much of a hurry to figure out what they meant. Today, however, I find that the dictionary is one of my best friends, and sometimes I use it for words I already know- just because I can.