My Vocabulary or Yours (Prompt)

Friday, I posted about new vocabulary. Today, I want you to free-write or pen a poem with two words you didn't previously know as the kick-start to your creativity.

You can use the words below or go rummaging through the dictionary, your choice.

Bucolic- Pastoral or an idyllic rural life
Histrionic-Dramatic in behavior or speech
Supercilious-Haughtily disdainful or contemptuous
Anodyne-Anything that relieves pain or stress
Sobriquet-A humorous name, epithet, or nickname


  1. Good path to improve creativity and learn new words.
    The Thesaurus is turning out to be my best friend.

  2. Wow. I am LOVING these words. Your posts are always so interesting, Jennifer.

  3. Really, my ego should get in the way of this type of post. I mean, I just admitted I didn't know these words before. I don't feel uptight at all. Maybe someone can learn something, too!

    Thanks to you both for the kind words. I need them lately. lol