Spoiling Your Muse

When is the last time you really spoiled your muse? No, not just let her/him take walks, attend classes, read books, and listen to music. I am talking about buying him/her things.
I write on plain notebooks most of the time when not on the computer. It is cheaper for me to buy than a leather-bound journal or more beautiful writing space. Even when I can afford it, however, I don't seem to splurge much. I don't know why.

Does it help to buy them? Well, somewhat. It makes me think my writing deserves more than what I write out the common grocery list with. It challenges me to do something more than free-write on such beautiful paper. It alters my feelings about writing when I feel I am too "sucky" to even walk the same Earth as the brilliant poets/writers I read. Plus, it brightens up my workspace.

I am NOT advocating shelling out hundreds of dollars on office supplies. But, occasionally, don't you deserve something nice for your craft?

Have you ever bought "prettier" things for your art? Does it change your thoughts when you're in the process/thinking about it?


  1. I bought a nice poetry notebook one time. Keep forgetting to use it. I like to grab scraps of paper for notes and writing. I do think a little nook all to yourself that you decorate with your things is great.

  2. Do you have such a space for your writing, Donna?

  3. I like cute journals for idea books, and last year I bought myself a pretty and shiny new laptop which is exclusively mine and for writing only. I think we have to invest in our creativity if we're to bring it to new heights. Plus, it's just plain fun. :)

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  5. First, thanks for following me Jennifer! I'm glad something that I commented on was decent enough to convince you to look at my blog :)

    Plus... we WI women got ta stick together, right?

    Right now I actually don't have anything other than a laptop that I right on... which I really should because lord knows my memory isn't good enough to hold everything.

    Hmmm, maybe a trip to find me a shiny notebook is in the plans for this weekend...

  6. I have normal notebooks and a very basic desktop computer my husband and I share...