Originality of Writing (Guest Post)

Is originality a dying art? If you were to turn on a modern music station, you would hear an alarming amount of remade songs (particularly from the 80's). Movies in the last ten years are also showing a large amount of remakes, especially ones of old cartoons. Even video games have been re-releases; the Zelda game "Ocarina of Time" has been released three or four times SINCE the original release.

Why is this? Surely we haven't used every possible idea.
Perhaps creators of all this media fear that original ideas won't bring great success. Or does it go deeper than that?
Maybe all these creators are just plain lazy.

What do you think?



  1. Money. New ideas are a risky business so people go with the same ole same ole to generate a proven amount of cash.

    Art is very difficult where capitalism is concerned.

  2. I say they're lazy and don't want to take a chance.

  3. Great point! I think it's because peeps trust what they know. Marketers know this, and they know peeps will spend money on it.

    BTW major Zelda fan right here!!!