And the Winner Is...

The winner of the $20 Amazon Gift Certificate from the drawing is Michael. Congratulations! (I used to get the results.)
Please send me an E-mail to: so I can send you your prize.

The winner of the poetry contest is K for his poem about the dance! Congratulations to you! I know your Email so I will send it out to you when Michael gets back to me on his.

The poetry contest closed at 3-2 so it was a close one. The second place poem was "A Deadly Night."
The two untitled poems were from a poet who wishes to be known as K.

K is currently a math student at Ripon College who aspires to be a math teacher. He enjoys a good story, either fiction or nonfiction, fencing, philately, fishing, and science. K expresses himself in writing mostly through poems or short stories.

"A Deadly Night" and "Dawn" were written by poet Anna Koresh.

She lives in Lodi, Wisconsin and attends school in Ripon, Wisconsin.
Anna stumbled upon this poetry contest from her friend, "K".
She has just recently discovered that writing poetry on her blog can be fun and entertaining.
Some of Anna's hobbies include walking, biking, watching movies, and reading horror/ science fiction.
If you would like to learn more about Anna please visit her blog at

Tomorrow, I give closing thoughts on this week!