Wisconsin Poet Laureate

I used to have a wacky dream of being a poet laureate. It was quite the symbol of talent, I thought, to be in such an honorable position due to your writing. It is a good thing I don't want it anymore because my state won't have the position soon.

Our governor is abolishing the position due to cuts in the state budget. While I admire someone trying to balance such a huge deficit, I do not agree with the cuts he's been making. (I am going to stop here as it goes into a post politically charged and not focused on writing.) Apparently, $2,000 is just something not able to be part with when looking at a billion plus dollars.

Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets is especially interested in seeing the position remain intact even if it isn't through governor appointment. While some fear it may not have the legitimacy behind it once it has ended, this may be the only way.

Do poet laureates need to be around? Do we lose anything without having one?


  1. Completely agree with you! We need them around because poetry is becoming less appreciated as time goes by. You'd be a great one, by the way :)

  2. Thank you, I appreciate that.

    More and more kids aren't even being taught poetry beyond Doctor Seuss and, when they are, they already have it in their heads that poetry is boring. Sadness!

  3. These kind of cuts make me sad. I hate seeing the arts tossed out in budget cuts. Boo.

  4. Me too, Alyson but they always seem the first thing to go.