Technology Isn't My Friend Today

Greetings all,

I am composing this from my town's library. My internet connection at the apartment is down for some unknown reason so I do not know how long I shall be away from you all. Because of this, there will be no Saturday questions and possibly no Monday Prompt to say the least. I am sorry for this.

I had a whole post planned today but it seems Blogspot ate it this morning right before my internet stopped working. (I wrote it last night and scheduled it for this morning but it I can't find it anywhere.) Also, my comments have gone missing.
Is anyone else having problems with Blogspot or is it just me?

This has been a very bad Friday the 13th for my technology. I hope I come back soon. I will miss you guys!


Jennifer Jackson


  1. Testing your comments.

  2. That sucks. I hope your technology gets more reliable.

  3. The internet and blogger have been giving lots of us heartburn. I'm having problems with my cache, which is supposed to clear, but it never does. Jennifer, I love the idea of dates on your tags, you clever poet, you.