The Pen is Mightier Than...

...the computer! At least, some writers seem to think it is. Those writers won't touch a computer until they have the entire first draft written.
It is more than just a matter of what you're accustomed to using as there are things to consider with each. Don't believe me?

Positives of Pen and Paper:

1. There are no Email or blog distractions

2. Procrastinating over text type is almost null and void

3. A rhythm occurs when writing on paper

4. Slowing down may help you process plot without stopping as much

5. If your computer crashes, your stuff isn't lost

Positives of computer:

1. It is a lot faster

2. Built in grammar and spelling help

3. Deleting is cleaner than crossing out

4. Research is at your fingertips

5. Less hand cramping

The lists go on for both.

So, what do you use? Have you tried any other way?


  1. I've used both but I'm starting to favor the computer, mostly because my spelling is painfully bad. I'm always nervous about loosing files though, so I constantly e-mail them to myself so they don't get wiped out. lol.

  2. I love my Hewli computer. But I love written notes - here, there, everywhere. And a recorder for those off the wall, out somewhere moments.

  3. btw, did you notice anything on my blog yesterday? About poets, maybe?

  4. Yes, sorry Donna! I have been so busy that I often blog and run without reading many other people's. I only get a chance to read about twice a week now with everything going on and will have stuff going on until mid-July.

    Thank you all for your comments, I love them! You all make me feel so welcome and encourage me so much!