A Letter From a Former Owner (Prompt)

You have just moved into a new house/apartment. You have been looking forward to this move or at least not dreading it. While you are unpacking, you find a handwritten note taped to one of the kitchen cupboards. The note fills you with very different emotions. Your new apartment/house isn't quite what you thought it would be according to the letter.
What does it say?

Write it in 150 words or fewer.
New occupant,

Welcome to our home. The home is not yours alone, though you possess the deed. It is but a pretense.
This place is a construct of my making. It is mine, even in design. Only due to greedy banks is it yours. Those greedy banks with lifeless, leeching fingers! I hate them. I despise them. I could kill every employee…
I could kill you, too. But it isn’t your fault. You are but a muzzled puppy, like myself. You don’t own this place.
I will share this house with you. I lurk among its more private spaces even now. I did build this house, as I said and know every secret corner, every concealed room. We will get along fine. My presence will be felt but invisible like a ruffling breeze.
Your children seem nice. Take care of yourself… and them.

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