Halfway Through PAD

After finishing today's poem, I will be halfway through April's Poem-A-Day challenge! If my posts seem a bit on the short side, that is why.
So far I have written 27 poems and, though most of them aren't keepers, I have a few that are. I hope at least 20% of this month's poems are good enough to be reworked and submitted.

Are any of you doing a PAD challenge or something like it this month? I know there is a blogfest going on for some of you.

When I started, I worried I would lose the drive to write every day as I have struggled with in past years of the PAD. How do you keep yourself engrossed in a long-term project if you begin to lose steam?


  1. Alas, but I've been editing stories. I have a note reminding me to, but I haven't done one! I love the April Challenge because it helps me write more creatively.

  2. I don't envy you! I dislike editing immensely. I have poetry that needs reworking and I have been putting it off because of the PAD challenge. It is as good of excuse as any! lol