Saturday Questions (April 16)

1. Where is the most unusual place you've ever slept?

2. If you had a personal slogan, what would it be?

3. Who is your favorite cartoon character?


  1. The Mohave Desert, where nights drop down to 70 and you think you're freezing after highs of 120 degrees.

    I do have one: Dream above the clouds

    Tweety is one. I favor Tigger, but not as a cartoon Tigger.

  2. The answers to my questions would be really boring so I'm not going to answer this week.

    I love your slogan, DM!

  3. 1. The roof of a building in Mexico.
    2. I don't really have a slogan. Maybe I should get one.
    3. Ariel

    And I think you should still post your answers! :)

  4. The roof of a building? Alyson, you know I have to hear THAT story now!