Snowstorm (Prompt)

By noon tomorrow, my county is expecting over a foot of snow. Yesterday, the weather felt calm and smelled like spring as my best friend and I made our way home from the coffee shop where we spent a half hour indulging in sugared caffeine and talking. I had hoped it was done snowing for the season even though it isn't even March. I have always been a Wisconsinite and should have more wisdom by now.

So, my displeasure is becoming yours. Write about a snowstorm. Is your character a southern-boy who moved north like my husband? Do you have an amusing story about skiing? It's time to envision white and write.


  1. There's no way I'm writing about a snowstorm. I live in Utah and hate the snow. Give me palm trees, beaches, margaritas, and shirtless men.

  2. Amen! lol

    Actually, I thought about it in a different way and maybe should have posted it. You see, since most people are obsessed with growing old, I likened the snowstorm to an aging yuppie finding white hairs. lol

    It fits without being about ACTUAL snow.