Reading Goals

As a writer I have goals to get published, write more, revise! Each time I get a work of mine from one stage to another, I feel a slight thrill of triumph. But, as you know, there is more to being a writer than writing.

In my goals, it doesn't say read five books a month, seven articles a week or anything else. I could say I am too busy writing to read but... When I am faced with decisions of cutting things out of my daily routine, I confess reading is easy to cross off. Reading is seen as recreational and is therefore subject to scrutiny the instant my life gets hectic. Do you stop most reading when you're busy? If not, how do you incorporate it into your schedule?

Writing without reading is like fishing in a toxic waste dump; you may catch something but it isn't going to be what you had hoped. When I am busy, I tend to stick more to other writers' blogs and internet articles until I can find space for a stack of books but don't know if this is enough.

Do you have reading goals this year?

Celebrating new followers and 100 posts!


Jennifer Jackson

P.S. I read your blogs, you just might not see me do it!

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  1. Congrats on 100 posts!! I don't set reading goals because I get disappointed when I don't meet them. I try to pick a couple of books every so often and get through those whenever I have time. Have fun reading!!

  2. I don't set reading goals because I know I won't keep them. Reading is something I have to work around my schedule, unless I find a book a can't put down. Then it becomes my schedule.

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies!

    It is hard to put something like reading in a schedule. Thank goodness for blogs, they make it easier for me.

  4. last year this happened to me too--loads of writing and minimal reading. this year im determined to read 100 books, not only because i need to really catch up on my YA genre reading, but also because its just so much fun. :D

  5. I love reading as much as I love writing, maybe even more...

    If you get too busy, do you stick to the genre you write in so you at least keep up with your type of work or do you try to get a variety going regardless?

    Welcome to my blog Aleeza!