Book Round-Up

This past week, I got a jump-start on all of the reading I need to do. I read three books. Of course, with anything, there are varying opinions but here are mine. I suppose these are more like mini-reviews...

1. Big Girl by Danielle Steel
A physically different girl grows up in a family obsessed with their image. When her sister is born, her parents finally think they got it "right" and the psychological abuse increased. As a result, the girl grew up with weight fluctuations and low self-esteem and has to dig herself out from under negative influences and thoughts.
I didn't really care for it as it ran long, repeated itself, and was pretty predictable. I don't know if there is much new ground here or anything that really sparks. I couldn't even bring myself to care much for the heroine.

2. Hater by David Moody
There is an outbreak of violence in England that escalates each passing day. What was thought to be a few incidents, has proven to be worse than anyone could have anticipated. The people doing it are called "Haters" and everyone soon becomes afraid of everyone else. The book follows a man and what happens to him and his family.
I thought I would love this book. I didn't. The main character is someone I despised through much of it, even when he got himself in dangerous situations. There is a certain amount of predictability in this title as well but it manages to escape a few of the shortcomings of this type of novel; I can't say anything else positive about it. This is the first book of a trilogy but I won't be seeking out the second book anytime soon.

3. Abandon by Blake Crouch
In the late 1800's, every resident in a mining community went missing on Christmas with no trace. A group of researchers in the present are going there to try to find out what happened.
I actually really liked this book. It says a lot about what people will or won't do to others in the right conditions. And, while there are no actual ghosts in the town, the past is something that doesn't rest easily. Read this one.

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