Accidental Business Cards and The Snap-Back

Business Cards

While making out E-cards for Valentine's Day, I saw an ad online for free business cards and thought it would be interesting to see my information on a business card. I put my name, occupation, E-mail address, blog name, blog link, and its description on one of the few free designs. I followed it through to the end, just to see how much more this "free" experience would cost me than the almost six dollar shipping. When I finally got to the grand total, it said my order was complete. It didn't tell me until the very end and never asked me to verify. It serves me right, I suppose. By the end of the month, I am going to have 250 business cards which will probably serve as nothing more than bookmarks for yours truly. Do you have any suggestions as to what can be done with them, dear readers?

The Snap-Back

The business cards were the start to what is shaping up to be a negative week for me. Last week was great so, by some people's logic, this week has to suck for me. Now, I don't believe in it but, it sure seems possible as of late. I received two rejections on top of each other, had bad news from a friend, and other things. I know it's life but, for those of you who believe, run before my rubber-banding life catches you too. LOL How do you cope with the extremes of life?

**Since last week falls under my writing stuff, I will try to post about it all Friday. Are there questions you guys want to ask me? Go ahead!



  1. I cope with the extremes of life by reminding myself that I'm a good person and then I do something positive. I make it a point to always eat excellent food. Sometimes a great restaurant experience is the only good thing that happens to me in a day.

  2. Sometimes, being a good person just doesn't seem like enough. The expensive food sounds great but we don't have that many expensive places, or enough money, to do that often. lol

    Do you have any ideas about my business card mistake?