Communal Story

I don't think this is going to get very far but we can try it. Leave a comment giving a paragraph of what happens next. Each paragraph after will continue the story. So, if person A leaves a paragraph, person B has to supply what happens after person A's paragraph. If someone leaves a paragraph, you can come back and leave another. You can't write after yourself but otherwise, leave as many as you want to. We'll see how far we can get.

The more people we get in on this, the more interesting it will be so feel free to tell others.

***I started the story but you can take it where you want. Also, don't sweat paragraphs that aren't perfect, mine sure isn't!***

Tommy was the town drunk for more than thirty years when he sobered up for six entire months. After months of not having drunken fisticuffs, sleeping it off in a jail cell, and only urinating in toilets he fell off the wagon. Unfortunately, the wagon must have been passing right by a bus that night because Tommy caught it-- in the chest and legs.

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  1. Jumping out of passive voice ....

    Tommy "collins" Cullen, looks across the bar in his wagonless fog and sees the unforgettable eyes of Lori, the town witch. One of her eyes looks at the ceiling and is green while the other tends to glare right at a person, filling them with blue terror. Tommy thinks she and her mostly full bottle of fine highland scotch are the most enchanting vision he's ever beheld. He beheld her quickly, with great passion and they rush to marry that very evening. Tommy is caught by the witchy bride and his legs shake with fear as he basks in her beauty and sips good whiskey from her size 18 shoe.