Writing Slumps

I've been busier than normal as of late and haven't found much time to write. In fact, if I wouldn't have a set schedule for this blog, you probably wouldn't be seeing me.

The time to write hasn't been a problem for me in the past but stress shakes down my muse like a school bully looking for milk money. She is now huddled in a corner somewhere nursing new bruises my life has delivered upon her. And, of course, she refuses to give me help even though I WANT to write something.

****When I try to write whatever comes to mind, I stop thinking! You might think it an exaggeration and, if it is, you would be surprised how small of one. I don't know if I will get much writing done until things calm down.****

Does stress affect your writing life? If so, how do you combat it?

-Jennifer Jackson

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