Word Smash (prompt)

Yes, we've all heard of frenemies -though most of us wish we hadn't- and other words made from simply mashing two words together like an unfortunate car accident. Well, today you get to make one of your own! Then simply take the new word (have it make some sense) and use it as the title of a poem or flash fiction piece.

Demangel (An angel who has not yet fallen but has demonic characteristics)

Sweet, the golden harp strings sigh
Tumbling from heaven in a
Gurgled rush of
Harmonic tones
Making mortal eyes see bliss
In not the brilliant white
But red...
Slow notes of discord strangle joy
Woven with a cloven hand
Of blood not alabaster...
Anger overwhelms
All who beauty reached
The harpist grins
On a storm-clogged cloud

**The poem itself is still very rough...


Jennifer Jackson

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