My Submission Routine is Sluggish (Questions)

I have eight groupings of poetry out for consideration right now. I had to do the majority of them the last couple of days because I had let the work I had circulating dwindle. Instead of jumping at the chance to send out more, I just tucked each response (read: rejection) into the file.

My submission system is very slow. I realized this before but, since I didn't send out a whole bunch at once, I didn't quite notice how bad it was. I spent hours getting everything ready; I don't submit through snail mail, only E-Mail so it should be faster.

For those of you who submit your work (especially poetry) what is your submission routine? How long does it generally take? Are there any tips you can give me for streamlining the process? I find myself altering poems between markets at times, is this a bad thing to do? If you write poetry, do you regroup the poems often or do you keep the same ones together all the time?

I'm curious to know your answers. I have been doing this for awhile but it is far from optimal. My inner critic also flairs up around submission time so...


Jennifer Jackson

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