Flowing or Breath (Prompt)

Write an air poem. It can be about flying, drowning, something connected to the air. My poem for today is a bit strange but it relates in... well, some way. I have more tweaking to do.

Tentatively titled* (Moment)

Bumpy snake skin
Clings as knotted ivy
To the snake who
In turn, grasps life harder
Than anything when it
Suffocates its prey
Or turns its owner's
Arm blue-white

Entire form
A blood pressure cuff of
Though the arm suffers
Its body isn't injured until
The very final moment

A desperate tingle of
Absolute freedom
Its owner hates
To see it pained, though it
Hurts him
When did you, love,
Become my snake


P.S. The poems I post here for the first time, are not submitted or posted anywhere else. There have been a few poems I have put on other blogs and then here but none recently. These, however imperfect, are all yours.

*I can't think of a better title. And it is probably a confusing piece...

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