Jealousy (Prompt)

Jealousy is an emotion we've all experienced. Today, I want you to explore that emotion. Did someone get an awesome car and you can't imagine anyone but you riding in it? Did someone get praise you think should have been yours because you worked harder? Vent!

Novel Envy

Twist another
Quarter turn like
A sluggish clock before
Batteries drain dry

Buried blade rends soft
Flesh, messy and red
Lipstick insides

Giggle and praise
Handiwork done
With a tainted pen
Spilling ink careless

Twist another quarter turn
Of my lipstick insides
I smile with gritted teeth
Congrats on selling your novel

Yours in pen and page,

Jennifer Jackson


  1. ;o) I know this twist too well!
    messy and red - yes!

  2. Well, I love your stuff so you won't know that feeling for too long, should you ever decide to publish.