I love pointing out writers (and their blogs) when they're absolutely fantastic. Today, I present to you which features poet Jonnia’s wonderful works.

I have the pleasure of being a subscriber to her blog and, each time she posts, I feel like one of my favorite “professional” authors released a new book. I often find myself wishing I had words like hers. (She’s better than me and I don’t feel one bit of jealousy saying so.) If you love poetry, she is definitely not one to miss.

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  1. I am nearly speechless and very much honored that you would do this. Writing is such a solitary work, as you no doubt know already. For someone to speak up and say, "yes! I get it!" is the most incredible reward all on its own. Thank you so much for encouraging me this way.

    And don't sell yourself short!!! You've actually been published! That's still on my wish list. ;o) I thoroughly enjoy your blog and your writing!