Used books... bad?

I love used books. I can get them cheaper. I don't much care for people who don't take care of their books before they try to sell them but, if gotten from a reputable seller, it is just as good. So what if the spine is cracked or the cover is slightly scuffed?

Many authors are fine with used copies of their books being sold but some aren't. Why? Well, it cuts into their sales somewhat. We can't all be New York Times bestselling authors and that means we're not getting six or seven figure book advances each time we pen our newest novel. The vast majority of writers will never see millions of copies sold of their combined works, much less see millions of dollars. But...

Used books provide the author with more exposure. How? I am more likely to spend ten dollars on a book that sounds interesting but may not be by an author I know than I would 30 dollars on that same chance. I just can't afford such an expense, especially for as often as I want to read. I am sure I am not alone. One of the reasons people are switching to e-readers (besides portability) is affordability of books after the initial device cost. If I buy your book used the first time, I may just pick up your second book the day it hits the shelves. And that, my fellow authors, is an awesome day in Authorian Territory!

Your reading writer,

Jennifer Jackson
Sidebar: I absolutely adore libraries and they are the first place I look for good reads. I only wish my library let me get my writing magazines from other libraries in the system.


  1. I totally agree. What's with the used book snobism? It just might get an author another reader that might otherwise have passed their work right by on the shelves!

  2. Exactly the way I feel! I would be glad someone picked me up for a read, well my book. lol

    I have become a fan of a few people by way of the Goodwill stores or even the odd garage sale. I don't care how you find me just find me, and find me well. Right?

    How is the third installment coming?