Over the Top or On the Line (Prompt)

Today is the day to dig out your most excessively crazy, absolutely frustrating, or pressing characters and ideas. Do you have a character so flashy she seems to exude the presence of a walking disco ball? Do you have a poem idea about a frustrating item in your life? Let’s get going!
The Rope

She stood still, assessed the rope
Taut like military sheets
And remembered
How to fall or
How not to
As her feet left
Safer planes for more
Perilous margins sagging gently
Beneath her

Arms outstretched, curling toes
Audience enthralled
Gasps collect in her ears and flow
Into her midsection
Clogging its butterfly freeway
More than daring her heart
To quaking she gives
A little hop
Aligning ever perfect upon
Her braided edge

Spectators out of seats
Inches from the other side
She places one foot
On solid ground
Fields of applause rapidly bloom
Across the crowd
And she takes
Her bow

Another night without a net
Her love life reflected
Though her smile
Never falters
On the rope


  1. I love this one. You had my attention all the way thru.

  2. Thank you very much! Nothing I write seems to come out correctly anymore. At least, it doesn't in my eyes.

    Any new poetry in the works?