Such a Novel Idea

All right...


I was going to say, "I don't know how to begin this post" but that's false because, that is the beginning.

I have an idea for a novel. This, in itself, isn't news, I've had them before. They come and go faster than a 24 hour flu with a two hour notice. But this one won't leave me alone.

Generally, I jot down whatever notions come my way and leave it at that. Not this time. Oh Good Goddess! I'm not MEANT to be a novelist and I promptly pointed this out to myself. It matters not. She (the character) is already correcting previous thoughts about her beliefs, background, and major points. I don't need more voices arguing for time to come out. If she could quietly ask for face time in a short story, I may hear her out but this one is quite the process AND controversial!
She's tied herself to the wrong horse. It's simple. It has to be. There is no way.

I'm piling up pieces of information like crazy-- if I don't write them down, they escalate until they shut everything out-- and I am not thrilled. I'm hoping she, and the idea, go away. I am working on a poetry project and I don't have the time. I still need to revise a short story I'm sure is going to flop worse than a fish in a desert.

Don't say this is the story I am meant to write. I will outlast her, I must. Most writers would probably give their left arm to be given so much content but this is unnerving and distracting. Probably because my characters haven't been quite this vocal before.

Distracted and Glaring,

Jennifer Jackson

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