I have received a few comments from people recently and thank you for them. I think you are the ones that have kept this blog going. I know, it sounds funny but it's true. I have been thinking about closing it down.
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I received yet another rejection for my work. Rejections aren't bad in themselves but they tend to get to you after awhile. "Can I quit now?" I ask myself seriously from time to time. I wouldn't quit just because of rejection, that's part of writing but it still hurts; it also makes me question the path I chose.

What would I do if I didn't write? I won't answer. No, it isn't "I won't" but I can't answer it. I have tried to give up but it is like being addicted. If I don't write for awhile, words push back through my mind in tangles and set roots to sip from my cells. The ideas, words, characters, etc. become all I can mentally process until I commit them to an outside space. How can I give it up?

But yet, to share my work is one of my greatest joys and most precious of pains. Clearly, there needs to be a balance. Unfortunately, I haven't grown a thick skin like other writers say is a must.

I suppose it boils down to perseverance. I always batten the hatches and prepare for the next blast, though it does rattle me more than I would like. Tomorrow always feels better, well mostly.
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If you have noticed, book reviews have stopped and prompts have started every Monday. Do you like these changes? Feedback is welcome! Do I post too much of my work or not enough? What would you like to see?

Your sad writer for tonight,


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