Horror Poem

I posted a short horror story not too long ago. Today is the day for a horror poem. I should say it is the day for a horrible mess of a horror poem because, like most things, it never quite worked. Oh well, it's yours to enjoy or despise!

Watch the Little Angel

Did you see the little angel…
Dancing in the moonlight?
Cape draping her shoulders
Ribbons trailing in her hair
The shape of a tombstone
Dull sheen of glow around
Provides a backdrop to her
In her midnight reverie

Can you hear her singing…
A keening, soulful sound?
Or short screams of terror
Blending as she smiles
The biting chill
Seems to cheer her more
Feel a nibble of death
Should it ever touch you

Are you still speculating…
About her pointed teeth?
Visible just barely
Glancing her sunken face
Waltzing from the gravesite
Spying a place to play
Enters the hospital
And the children's ward

Do you wonder what she's doing…
As her shadow moves around
Supposedly checking on them
Though they shrink in fear
Touching each fragile child
They’re pallid already
But she appears younger
As they become more haggard

Can you understand death?
They won't live through this
She scares and drains
Until all they do is lie there
Her feeding almost complete
Don't start rationalizing
She does this for fun
Her giggles are their final lullaby

Do you know the little angel…
Is a demon in disguise?
Preying upon anyone she can
Watching for ones unable to think
Following those not knowing to run
Attacking those too callous to care
I would run... if I were you

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