Rejections, Round One

Now, before you think I'm going to get all stuffy or start crying, I'm not. I may have FELT like I wanted to at first, but I didn't. It's all part of it, right?

Well, I had a story somewhere and no one commented on it. I know, no big deal but I would have at least liked to know what people thought. The woman that put it up on the website said she liked it so I will take that as a win. Otherwise, bummer.

I also had a group of poems out to this literary magazine. I have been waiting squirming and impatient (though not enough to harass anyone) only to find out through their online submission manager that my submission had been declined. When did they stop notifying you about this stuff through E-Mail? Am I just supposed to chance upon it? I don't know what goes on, maybe I'm not "with it" anymore. I also have a few places where nothing came of follow-ups I did two months ago so I may just move on. (The follow-ups only given after a substantial amount of time past the review period.)

I'm still plugging away at it, though. I have a lot more out there. Most places close down during the summer but maybe I should be more concerned about writing and put submitting away until autumn rolls around. We shall see.

Disheartened but hoping,

Jennifer Jackson

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