Prompt (Ugly to Beautiful and Back)

Write a poem about something most people believe to be ugly and paint it in the best possible light. Or something beautiful and you point out the flaws of it. You could even start out one half of your poem as the beautiful side only to do a U-turn. Your choice.
Rodin's Le Baiser was going to be the topic of my poem but I lost it last night to my hungry computer. I will do my best to find a new subject matter and post tomorrow. For now, good luck.


  1. Berries dripping black
    Speckle spongy dark green bushes
    Perched robust spiders

    Patient and silent
    Thick with oozing, sticky fluids
    Fingers snatch them
    Wasn't quite what I was going for but I hope you get the idea.

  2. Great prompt! I hope to be back soon with something.