The Unenviable Position of George R.R. Martin

Note: My poem "Waterway Sojourn" is in the new issue of ArLiJo. It will also be in my debut poetry collection Domestic Bodies published by Querencia Press.

I wouldn't want to be George R.R. Martin. The money is enticing. Perhaps the validation for years of effort would be swell. But I think the difficulty he is facing with his series is a nearly impossible predicament. 

He promised his fans he'd be done with the next book by the time the television show got to a certain point but didn't even finish the first draft. He constantly tells people how much he's progressing through the pages with people believing him less and less. Is he losing faith in himself, too?

The current novel isn't even the last; there is at least one more in the distant future! If he hasn't completed The Winds of Winter in 13 years, how will he finish the series? I hope everyone lives a full life, but he has more of his lifetime behind than ahead (he's 74).

Now that he knows what people think of a possible ending to his adventure, will he end everything differently? Watchers of the show panned the finale and, even if he didn't write the episode, it could be based on what he envisioned. Is he stuck because so many fans are clamoring for something he never planned?

Personally, I think he's pacing on the page... when he writes at all. It's a lot easier to keep changing things than to let a beast you can barely tame out into the world. Good thing silk sheets absorb the sweat of nights filled with the phantom ticking of keyboard clacks and the accusatory blinking of a cursor.

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