Now Streaming: Myself!

Do you ever hate the sound of your voice so much you try not to talk where it can be recorded? Me, too. I always think I sound garbled or androgynous (not that there's anything wrong with androgyny if it's what you're shooting for). I'm also worried I'll mess up, so I'm not comfortable talking to the public much... much less somewhere frozen in digital antiquity. 

So, it's by complete shock I enjoy streaming. Perhaps it's the anonymity of an alias. Maybe it's the freedom of being able to swear with gusto without it messing with people's perceptions of my work. It helps somewhat that I'm not on camera.

It scared me at first. I almost didn't attempt it. The thought of no one watching was as bad as a lot of people watching! But I wanted to get better at public speaking and share more aspects of my life/interests while meeting new people. Since I don't go outside much, I have a lot of time to fill.

I'll be streaming for three months on Twitch in a couple weeks. I play games and do the occasional stream on poetry and whatever else I fancy. I have a YouTube channel for archives and a Twitter account. The benefits, so far, are plentiful for me. Hardly anyone comes to my streams, but I still enjoy hanging out. I just hope I don't become obsessed with stats or get entangled with toxic people (which is frightfully common in streaming communities).

Have you ever found yourself doing (and loving) something unexpected?


  1. Go you! It's good to push ourselves in new directions sometimes.

    1. I love seeing your Instagram and all the new adventures you're having. Maybe you're rubbing off on me.